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REBUSS works with advanced technology tools to perform accurate

inventories and provide reliable data with simultaneous information

while the work is being done.

Data capture technology


We use wireless technology to instantaneously integrate the

captured information and evaluate at any moment of time, the progress of the inventory.

Store mapping

The store is categorized into small zones were differences can be audited and reviewed.


Access constantly to updated reports and information. Manage the inventory progress in real time, engaging everybody to an active role in the process, reviewing at any moment, all the information to

immediate oversight and control.

Data collectors

We work with high quality handheld terminals, with a

durable design that brings a level of strong reliability and

functionality, allowing users to increase productivity and efficiency in data collection. Each terminal has an integrated database for the

correct registration and transfer of the data to a local server.


We have a highly flexible inventory system adapted to

products labeled with different barcode standards (i.e. EAN-13, DUN-14) and for those products with personalized labels.

Data processing technology


Our Inventory System has a structured database for the storage of the information. It automatically validates the data consistency, optimizing the access to it, through reports.


All the captured information is managed in a modern system installed on a local server for data security (no internet required). This same system, is responsible for the wireless data technology and the communication between the inventory reports and all the devices connected to the network.


The Data processing software provides a series of standard reports that respond to frequent queries. They allow to follow the inventory progress, detect differences per product families and

identify the location of each captured item. At the end of the process, a set of loadable files are given to our clients to update their theoretical information with the existence captured. We will create the file in any format required.

Inventory parameters

To provide an accurate inventory service and audit the captured information, it is essential that each customer informs the product master file and the theoretical existence of the branch. With these information, our data collectors will validate the records and our inventory system will generate the differences

(variance) instantaneously to audit all the results of the inventory.

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